2019: What a Succinct, Splendid End To a Decade. Cheers to 2020.

With the Farmcrowdy CEO – Onyeka Akumah

By Xavier Kanu

In what has now turned out to be a yearly ritual, i.e doing a post highlighting the many achievements, and the not so palatable experiences which is now a thing to how my usual three hundred and sixty five days get spent. I’ve yet again, decided to do another post, but first, thank God for life.

2019 is an interesting year to start with; culminating how significant the year is, starting with it rounding up a decade, and more personally, the end of a rousing chapter in my life – I started this decade with my secondary education and ended it with a diploma and a university degree. I have also in this decade gathered large chunk of my current work and leadership experience. In as much as I am tempted to walk you through how I spent this decade, it’s a long tale for another day, so I’ll probably stick to how the last 365 days was spent.

At the Press Conference for official launch of POIC 1.0

2019 carried a theme – Focus. Having realized what was at stake this year, it was better I had stuck to a game plan: School, Family, Related Opportunities and most importantly God. The first quarter began with serious school engagements, it was my final year in school, and I must round it up well. My assigned project work at a point was received in quandary; how to raise funds was a major concern, but thanks to close relatives which through God I got remediation.

The major highlights of the first quarter include;

– My project topic was assigned to me, same with my seminar topic. I had some school presentations which were grade-defining.

– My talks with the President of the University of Lagos Science Students Association- Oladayo progressed from the previous year into the first quarter of this year, and I was officially invited into the Professor Ogundipe Innovative Challenge (POIC) committee.

– I kept on bettering myself by attending seminars, workshops and programs so as to improve my communication and empathy skills which I felt was needed in my new role as the Head, Application Review of POIC. I worked so hard to maintain old and new relationships, improving my networks.

– My being broke began in the first quarter,where i just started spending my savings on school matters. My savings covered 75% of the total spending. It was hard holding any side hustle for I was already overwhelmed.

Group photo after dissertation defense by the Biochemistry class’19.

Highlights of Second Quarter of year were majorly built on what has been done in the first. I managed to sustain the existing flow, worked double in managing my school works and my responsibilities at POIC. One suffered regardless, but with supports from my supervisor – Dr. Imaga and course adviser – Dr. Babalola, and some cool friends; Precious, Mr. Mojeed, Ayobami and Ken who while I was shuffling both responsibilities, they had managed to close the nicks created through scads of my inconsistencies. My family in all cases came through for me too, this was the motivation I had.

I had a bit of acclaimed achievement in July, when Ayobami and I worked out a mite of magic in the task assigned to us, this enabling the successful completion of the second phase of POIC, I was proud of our collective ingenuity, this further locking my addiction to team work and team play. August came, and we had just 30 days to perfect all that we’ve been planning, I had many late nights in school during this time, my mom on many occasions became worried. I could have just stayed in school, but I was on verge of completing a six years streak of not spending the night in any hostel (including that in Yabatech), so I basically rebuffed the offers to pass the night in school.

The POIC planning committee members with the Vice Chancellor of University of Lagos – Prof. Ogundipe

Last Quarter of the Year.

The last quarter of the began with the grand finale happening in September. Like a soon-to-be dad, I stood tensed to the pharynx to see what the nine months of planning would birth, it was more than a success, with over five thousand (5000) people filling the hall, and more than twenty thousand watched and followed it via various platforms. Also, my project works (bench work and dissertation defense) ended in praise.

The last two months of the year saw me along with members of planning committee engrossed in meetings and public discussions, most importantly on what to expect from the second edition of the challenge. I also had the opportunity to reconnect with my friends at The Bridge Program, a community I’ve come to enjoy and cherish, with brilliant minds getting to pass through months of intensive training intended to unlock potential, still being equipped with the winning career and leadership playbook.

Flypadcorp also got involved, from just designing concepts into profitable products, we also saw it partner with impactful programs through it FlypadExt, like The Business in Graphic (#theBIG) training by BOAM Ingenuity, also in talks with POIC to develop for them, some software products. Flypadcorp will also partner with an upcoming entertainment outfit to organise a comedy show in Ogun state and Lagos State in 2020.

At the POIC grand finale, with the SA to the Lagos State Governor on Innovation – Mr. Tubosun Alake, as special guest.
With some friends at the Fellows reunion of the Bridge Program.
The Business in Graphic (#theBIG) training supported by Flypadcorp.

It’s been a beautiful 2019 regardless of the mix. Lot was thought, many was done, lessons were learnt,
Friends were sought, network was built instead.
Sincerity was planted, betrayal sprout as thorns.
With all these, I look forward to a beautiful 2020, a year for Service.

Cheers to a New Year.

And just for the record, I began and ended the decade single, but in between, I have had some jingle over of relationship wahalas. 2020 should be my year, let me hear you say amen to that 😂😁

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