Traffic in Lagos: The August Visitor Here To Stay

By Deji Makelemi

First of all, let me point it out here that this is my first ever whatever you want to call it – Article, Write-up, essay or maybe “story for the gods”? But what’s better way of letting out ones frustrations if it’s not writing about it?

I bet every Lagosians if asked what they can easily write on would be – Traffic and it many menaces. It’s becoming rather too unbearable this time, i can recall one article by big bro – Xavier wrote on this same topic, I was not surprised when it caused some online buzzes, as many retweeted the link, which led to the Lagos State governor’s name trend for two days.

Traffic in Lagos is currently a nightmare, it’s like an epidemic that has spread so fast, when you move around the state, it’s like the same everywhere – untarred roads, large potholes, dust and stench. It’s rather unsafe leaving the comfort of your home these days to embark on a journey around the state. I’ve decided to lend my voice through this write-up, charging the government to expedite their efforts in repairing the roads.

I must give kudos to the many efforts on social media platforms. Nigerians have been able to call out erring government officials through these platforms, and they heeded and acted.

In my opinion traffic in Lagos is an issue that has done lot of damages to some careers and to an extent- properties. I have a friend that caters for his mother and sister, he lost his job due to lateness to work; I tell you, this guy can’t leave the house earlier than he does mainly due to security concerns. This is one family compared to many of similar cases, and I think the government actually needs to step up the efforts.

One of the major factors contributing to this menace might be lack of traffic staffs- LASTMA,FRSC e.t.c, they have not been seen recently controlling traffic, all you see are crazy drivers not giving way for either the traffic lights or their fellow drivers. While some on duty harass or extort money from road users which may also cause traffic one way or the other.

Some of the solutions I came up with might actually be familiar with many of us, so I might be just be reiterating it.

– I think the government should encourage other means of transportation. The water transportation has rather been overly under- utilized. I am looking forward to transport on rails coming into full use as well. I have had the opportunity to speak to an expert in the transportation sector, he made it known to me that there has been an ongoing railway project at Eko bridge few minutes after costain which has been abandoned for over two years now for whatever excuses the government might wish to give.

– Government should make public announcements months before a road would be closed down for repairs, thereby providing alternative routes.

– Lastly, Major roads should have some expansions (in terms of lanes), and most importantly, the use of good materials during road constructions, and make sure these roads are properly maintained because they are huge investments.

Though traffic lockdowns can be argued to be a global setback to growth and development, it been properly managed has set countries apart from their counterparts, it’s therefore imperative that the Lagos State government takes diligent actions to properly managing traffic in Lagos.

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