#NigeriaDecides2019: Enough of the Distractions

By Xavier Kanu

Is it too late for this to be out, I mean just a day to the big day – The General Elections in Nigeria. Well, I thought regardless what the outcome of the elections would be, we’ll still be stuck with whatever kind of leader that will govern us for the next four years.

My concern, I mean primary concern is what the youths have with all these. Aside the fact that we live within a system where the so-called Adults who bully us with this adage – “What an elder sees while squatting, even when a child (this time- the youth) climbs the tallest mountain, won’t see”, still comes out to manipulate us. I feel we need to snap out of this and stop being their stooge. Or, should I say we aren’t interested in all these? Then what are we really interested in?

Nigeria is the largest country in Africa by population size, and also the largest black nation in the world with population size of about 200 million people, with the youths making up the greater number, then what does this mean? It’s either a blessing or a curse to the country.

What is the World becoming now? And where is Nigeria’s position? It seems we Nigerians have been left behind in technological and entrepreneurial innovations currently springing out. Why is this so? I think it’s because of the so much distractions we have attracted to ourselves.

Let’s take for example, some time ago Apple announced the release of their IPhone X series, the competition once again this week heated up with South Korean tech giant Samsung Mobile announcing their groundbreaking innovative mobile devices – S10 series and the #GalaxyFold with the new 5G network, which is gradually ushering us to advance technology revolution which is speculated to take off in 2020. The Chinese are not resting on their oars too, with report having it that Huawei was the first to launch their flagship mobile phones with a 5G network. What does this tell us? Many countries have their citizens racking up their brains and getting them busy. My recent converse with a senior colleague had me ask him this question – Where is Nigeria in all these? He chuckled, and replied thus – ‘We should be gearing up to consume, that’s what we’re good atūüėĄ?’ I pondered on this, thinking what must be done to change this narrative and get us involved.

We (Nigerian youths) need to tap out of all these unnecessary distractions we find ourselves caught up with. Technology revolution can start when we choose to support ourselves more, just like the way South Koreans and their government have and still support the Chaebols, just like the way the Japanese and her government still support the Zaibatsu. We need to support our owns. Enough of the internet nuisance we daily cause, for it was said that the Nigerian youths are always eager to start or join a Twitter trend, then I wondered why we can’t start such trends to boost our economy outlook.

Let get things done, things that will be more relevant and beneficial to us, let’s get involved more either politically, socially and economically. Let’s forge a formidable team that will be unconquerable. For goodness sake, enough of the distractions already.

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