Why Big Brother Naija Will Not Pick You!

It was all over the news when the auditions for Big Brother Naija was announced and there was a massive turn out from the youths.

A twitter user, took his time to reveal why many of the Nigerian youths came out to waste their time queuing en-masse to audition, as there are top secrets to getting selected for contesting for Big Brother Naija 2019, the multi million naira prized TV show.

However, the audition for the 2019 edition of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show ended with enough drama, with an example of a marriage proposal a lady got from her fiancé.

The big question still remains, “what really gets one into the Big Brother Naija house?” Is it ones ability to answer questions well at the audition? You already saw that the past question booklet being sold in traffic for the audition.

However, Ajayi prime Tobbi (@prime_tobbi) has taken to the platform to give a really eye opening insight on what actually gets people into the multi million naira prized TV show

In a Twitter thread, Tobbi wrote;

THE SECRET TO #BBNaija NO ONE WILL EVER TELL YOU: The fiasco 4 #BigBrother has begun & millions of youths all over the country have queued up for hrs for a chance at the prize money. why are your past housemates not posting throwback pics of them on the queue.

Because the organizers hav 1 unchangeable rule. THEY DON’T PICK PEOPLE OFF THE STREETS. U must understand Dat #BBNaija is a trade in attention & is thus business. So chuks who is on #AsuuStrike can never get in. EVERY HOUSEMATE HAS 1 THING IN COMMON, THEY WERE POPPING BEFORE…..

Take MIRACLE for example, a top model, top 5 MR universe contestant, ECOWAS fashion wk. Do U think he left his pilotting shift to queue?? or BITTO, one of D best OAP, media expert & former mr. malabo all before #BBNajia

I have personally known KHLOE as a popping model and vixen for davido, wiz, banky w etc or TEDDY A who had a 2016 hit with PHYNO, or BISOLA, host of billboard Nigeria on STV, actress, and appeared on Falz’ ELLO BAE and countless movies. #BBNajia

K.BRULE, learnt music in UK, collaborated with CHOC CITY & AMORE, or ANTO, who had worked with DISNEY, STANLEY ALLIANCE, ORLANDO MAGIC, UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA, or ALEX, former MISS EASTERN, CALABAR FESTIVAL REGULAR, & worked with NESTLE as a model.IFU is another ball game entirely, @ 23, she was launching her fashion collection, presented 4 GOLDMYNE, VIDEOWHEEL, don countles voiceovers, CO PRODUCED DYNAMIX AWARDS, starred in MNET HIT TINSEL, EMERALD, vlogger, RED CARPET PRESENTER, CONTENT CREATOR. #BBNajia

He further said,

My point is, you dont need #BBNajia PQ, and queuing is a waste of your time, posting the #BigBrother eye on your profile is burning data. THE AUDITIONS START YEARS BEFORE THE ACTUAL AUDITIONS…WHO KNOWS U?.. WHAT HAV U DONE?… WHO HAVE YOU INFLUENCED?.. BBN IS NOT A TALENT HUNT…

He then concluded saying,

Well, as long as you have something doing before, a couple of thousand followers on social media, and probably have a name in the industry, then you’re good to go. Good luck in 2020.

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