2019: From Learning to being Focus

I still struggle to find the best way to starting what I don’t know if I should call an article or a reflection. Well, it’s one thing for me to write it in the best way I can, and for you to read it in the good way you can.

2018 was a miracle, this line from my big bro – WonderThaHypeman new music – Miracle says it all.

I’ve a knack for giving themes to every new year, and 2018 was no different as I themed it – Learning and Re-learning. I thought of learning new things this year which started with me adopting the One Year Bible Plan, working on new projects from fields aside the one I have done and currently doing in school, also to develop workable and cost less ways of doing business utilizing the available tools and options of the social media, to work on projects and some other exciting things that I can probably learn in 2018. Did I mention my attempt to finally finish a book? Oh well, I thought I could develop a new habit of completing a book. I tried my best in finishing one.

About what I learnt; I finally had to work on a product. Mr. Akinwande and I early this year worked on Drink, we developed about three samples of that drink which passed Sensory Evaluation Test by skilled and unskilled panelists. I felt proud doing this, as it ushered my quest of doing new stuffs for the year. The proceeds from the project was what I used to get a new phone for me and mom, I have never felt proud of myself this much.

My One year Bible study plan started late January. As a new habit, I never missed reading my Bible which I did primarily from an app on my phone. I encountered God in his words, my scope of God’s love broadened. I felt eventually doing this was so needed. I staggered on my course, missed some days, but covered for it most times I had free times, or not in a hurry of starting the day. School happened, and my concentration was short lived, I only had 149/365 days study. I became so distracted that I hardly opened it later on. But in 2019? I might just buckle up.

The most interesting and challenging part of 2018 was when I co-wrote final year projects with two of my friends. It was in Hematology for one, and Medical Microbiology for the other. Though I had my demanding times in school, I still stole some time to read and do some researches on this topics. I oversaw the experiment and collated results for the one in Hematology. The results I remember made me go start something in SPSS. I never had much time to really learn it, but then I got chunks needed for the statistical analysis.

All these happening, still even keeled with Biochemistry, I thought of plunging into the trouble waters of Foreign Exchange (Forex) Trading . I wanted to understand the numbers. I got Udemy app, signed up to learning Forex, as usual, the basics were nudged first, it was an intertwine of easy and confusing. School happened again, forex was dumped.

Dumping Forex Trading didn’t just happen in it whole entirety, it left a spot on me. It made me love the Finance, I started seeing Flypadcorp in many ways. Will Flypadcorp eventually turn into an Investment bank or some sort? I took some time ponder on this, the interest in Investment and it’s thingamabobs grew. So I signed up for a Bank Of America Merrill Lynch Event in Lagos. I was further enlightened in the event on things not only about BAML, but about Investment Banking. Blithe about their Summer Internship Program, but nudge from a friend – Ayobama, I applied for it, not only that, but also for Goldman Sachs Spring Internship Program.
Fast-forward to what transpired eventually, BAML didn’t select me, Goldman Sachs through their partner – SEO called me for an interview, I didn’t expect anything much after that to be honest. But the knowledge was valuable regardless.

Flypadcorp eventually got registered with CAC, I didn’t just know why it was delayed to this time in October we did it. We thought it was time to jigger the whole thing about the startup. We then came up with Flypad Extension (FlypadExt), a direct customer business line, which we called the ‘Brand Friend’. Not launched yet, we already had a one year Retainership deal with an Hospitality Brand. We eventually made our business known to the world in December.

You might want to agree with me now that 2018 was indeed a miracle. But what about 2019? 2019 is the year of Focus (the official theme). The one year Retainership deal need to be treated with every pristine touch, we (Flypadcorp) need to focus on creating global -competing products for our end consumers. I might also want to focus on my final year too, the seminar, the courses and the project too. What should I do away with? I think distractions. I don’t think I need resolutions for the new year, I just need FOCUS.

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