Slay queen gets dragged on twitter on Christmas Day for refusing to pay debt and selling fake wigs

A lady Teni borrowed #150,000 from a tweep(twitter peep) Edwin and allegedly created a new account for the person who borrowed her the money stating the debt had been paid a long time ago. She also locked her account, from public view. See full gistūüĎá

So, someone paid the bill.

This is the ‘debtor and fake wig seller’.

She said she paid the money, but it was someone else’s account, not Edwin’s.

Teni the musician wanted to help her pay the debt but deleted her tweet when she found out the truth.

The money was allegedly paid to her wig dealer’s account in balogun market. Lol.

After series of allegations, she decided to refund the money for the wig.

Lesson: don’t lend more than you can afford to lose

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