Flypad Extension [FlypadExt]: All you need to know

Flypad Extension (FlypadExt) is direct customer business line from Flypad Piensa Company. FlypadExt was created to help brands achieve success in service rendering, to help investors in making certain decisions and also help students in carrying out various tests on samples needed for the completion of any degree program.

Flypad Extension services are summarized into three :
– FlypadExt Art
– FlypadExt Web
– FlypadExt Food.

FlypadExt Art creates all forms of graphics and printings. Photography and Fashion, and roll up rentals by BOAM. We can guarantee you the best of these services due to our valuable experience in these areas.

Art Services include- logos, flyers, shirt prints, UI/UX designs, animations, Ad Videos, Photography sessions, men and women wears, and roll up rentals needed for expositions and fairs.

FlypadExt Web creates websites and social media marketing and influencing (PR services)

Web services – Web site for businesses, personal and social media, website management and hosting, blog creation and Digital marketing.

FlypadExt Food consults for potential investors who want to go into food production, also for students on various analysis on various chemical samples needed for completion of any degree program.

Food services include: Product Development and Registration, Proximate Analysis, Functional Analysis, Anti-nutritional Analysis, Pasting Properties Analysis, Phytochemical Analysis and Statistical Analysis.

We are so passionate in providing nothing but the best of all these services to our customers at an affordable price.

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FlypadExt… Creating awesomeness!!!

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