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Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy.

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FlypadExt’s Brand Big Support Package

Flypad Extension is more than elated to announce a special package for brands and businesses ranging from SMEs to large corporations – The Brand’s Big Support. What is The Brand’s Big Support Package? This is a retainership deal exclusively prepared by Flypad Extension for brands and businesses to help them gain enough traction with our […]

Enquiry on Consciousness: What is there to know?

By Dr. Hussaini Daniels Consciousness is the state or quality of awareness of an external object or something within oneself. Consciousness as manifested on this physical plane of material existence is the subdivision of the cosmic consciousness into entities of particulate existence manifested in varying grades of intelligences. Material things begin to house more immaterial […]

Bug hunting on timbu

So after passing the requirements to stage on HNG Remote Internship 5, well the next task to move to Stage 2 is to find bugs on Timbu.com While bug hunting I discovered the redefined search buttons is not working to filter the results shown. https://timbu.com/italy/rooms/venice

Science – The Theory of Mass-Time Discrepancy

By Dr. Hussaini Daniels ( aka Pandora) INTRODUCTION The theory of time-mass discrepancy is the theory that the experience of reality or real time as related to the size/mass of the organism. The theory asserts that the smaller the creature the greater is submersion in real-time I.e in plain terms, if we allocate 3hours of […]

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